xzxic XZX-Pro
(Ver. 4.5 Author: Erik Kunze  2005, For Linux, Sparc, PPC , older Ver for Windows)

  This is the only 'pro' emulator among all for PC. Shareware version has some limitations, you can buy full version for 25 Euros. I had very much trouble to get it work. Downloaded first precompiled RPM's for Mandrake (because I have it). It always asked for some libraries, even if them were installed. I managed to start program somehow, but menus didn't work. Then I downloaded source, and compiled it relatively fast. It worked with same libraries which missed to precompiled version! (??). Perhaps program is called 'pro' because it requires Linux guru to install it?
xzx1 xzx2
Picture above, right is what I saw from precompiled version. Didaktik emulator? It can emulate 'Horizons' tape!
I tested version 2.9.2 too. It worked very well, unlike latest version 4.5 .
 xzx3    xzx4
I get unuseable file selector in V 4.5, when wanted to test TAP load. Snapshot load worked fine, though. In shareware version  poke entering is disabled, for instance, what is ridiculous. All in all, this 'pro' program made me most of troubles while testing (Therefore filled last in overview table). There is too much bug (or library demand?) even for freeware program. Not recommended in any case for PC owners. Better try some Wine :-). Or better try to find somewhere older versions...

xzxgyrt   xzxgyrp
Something even worked....


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