(Version 2.4beta, Author: Woody, 2005. For Windows)

  Testing beta version 2.4, which is not 'published' at moment (August 2005).  Appearance is humble, but don't let that it mislead you. Program is pretty well equiped with features. It has all goodies what we today expect from Spectrum emulator. There is even simple video recording, better said saving of BMP set.
   specemu_sg   specemu_db
Debugger has lot of options, and here is poke finder too. Contended memory emulation is flawless as in 48K, so in 128K mode too. Program is written in assembler, and is really fast. On P1 200MHz MMX it can run with aprox. 250% speed, with all contended memory emulation. What is no good is complete lack of documentation. No WEBsite too. Experienced user will manage himself of course...
specemu_dc   specemu_sd


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