rs2.gif RealSpectrum
(Version 0.97.31, Author: Ramsoft staff, 2004. For Windows, DOS)

  RealSpectrum is first among numerous Spectrum emulators which had practically 100% accurate multicolor emulation. It is probably most featured emulator available. Current version is some kind mixed DOS-Win, menu usage is with keyboard.
      rs_sho   rs_sanxion
  P1 200MHz MMX is just enough to run at standard speed, but it is with accurate contended memory emulation. Main menu page is divided in 2 parts, because of many options:
rs_opt2   rs_sw3d  

Everything is here, video recording works pretty fine. There is even emulation of some IDE harddisk interfaces. It works with image files of complete hard disks. Of course, custom ROM is then required. I tested it in 16-bit interface (Pera Putnik's) mode. On first try it loaded only short files. Then I modified zxide.rom so, that disc access is in single sector mode, and then it worked well. It means that IDE emulation is not complete. In any case very nice feature for Speccy harddisk (interface) owners.


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