kliveface    Klive 
 Ver. 1.1 ,  author Steve Snake, 2002. For Windows.

  Installation is quite simple - just unpack archive somewhere. You will have only 3 files: exe, ReadMe and ini after first start.
     Program emulates following hardware:
  Sinclair Spectrum 48K
  Sinclair Spectrum 128K
  Sinclair/Amstrad Spectrum +2
  Sinclair/Amstrad Spectrum +2a
  Sinclair/Amstrad Spectrum +3
  Sinclair Interface 2
  Cursor Joystick
  Kempston Joystick
  Currah µSpeech
  Fuller Box
  Spectrum 128K sound on a Spectrum 48K
  AY-3-8912 or YM2149 Sound Chip (selectable) with ABC or ACB Stereo support
  NEC µPD765A Floppy Disk Controller (in +3 Mode)

Of course load of standard snapshot files Z80 & SNA is supported. It works with TAP, TZX & WAV files. There is no 'fast load' for TAP files, author claims that there is no point. Hmm... most of games is stored in TAP format around... Anyway, you can speed up emulator while load (I got 3500% on my Athlon XP 2000). There is also 'Real Tape Mode' (load via soundcard), not seen in many emulators. Program has Issue 2 keyboard emulation too, so Rasputin will work :-). Contended memory is emulated pretty accurate, although not perfect. Starion countdown looks good, with slight shift in border (see pic below).
I had trouble in my Win XP with Klive (probably related to video card driver), but it worked on other machine, also works by me in Win 98SE. No option for custom ROMs. Because everything is in exe file, you can't use tricks with file renames :-(

All in all, pretty good emulator, easy to use, design is simple, but everything works well. Question is will author continue development?

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