(Ver. 0.7.0  author: Philip Kendall, 2005. For Unix, Linux, Mac OS)

  Fuse means Free Unix Spectrum Emulator. Compiling & installing went without problems on Mandrake 10.2. Program  emulates following models:

  From picture above is visible that BBG is perfect (in 48K mode too). Unfortunatelly multicolor demos likeMDA Demo & Shock Megademo are not perfect, there are some disturbing lines and shifts (similar to EmuZWin) :
fuse_mda   fuse_shock

fuseandr2    fusefw

Program is full with features, there is additional package named fuse-utils with useful TAP utilities as viewer, converter. By compiling is possible to select will it be SDL, GTK+, SVGA or just X aplication (some libraries are required then, of course). GTK+ looks best, but unfortunatelly then only 1x size is possible - but it depends from graphic card driver.
So looks fuse GTK+, with TAP file browser:


hcnt: 9609