(Ver 1.3 Author: Sergio Costas Rodriguez 2004. For Linux)

  Package says that it is V. 1.5, but I get 1.3 in both cases - starting precompiled executable, and also when starting  own  compile (??)  :  fbzx_f1  fbzx_f4

From above right pic. is visible what program emulates. It works in res. 640x480, with SDL library, always in 'TV mode' (what means that every second line is only displayed. Therefore are (smalled) pictures here so unsharp. Menus look good, maybe author should try to use standard keys... I couldn't fire under Kempston joystick emulation - ALT keys worked not. There is problem with emulating some titles, so I think that it requires much work yet... According to documentation it is pretty demanding - needs CPU over GHz to work enough fast under X.
fbzx_gfp  fbzx_he


hcnt: 8229