emuzwinico  EmuZWin
(Ver. 2.5   author: Vladimir Kladov,  2004. For Windows)

  Another feature-rich emulator. It has some unique features like Map Builder & Sprite Finder, time back/forward (2 sec max.):

  Support of Scorpions and other Russian machines is of course here :-) emuzwhard
  Everything works fine, it's visible that program is made by experienced programmer (he made some DOS Speccy emulators). Contended memory emulation is pretty good for 128K mode, while not good in 48K mode (probably timing is same as in 128K mode). Program has plugin support, for example LensKey utility from Simon Owen may be used. Absolutely recommended for everyone. No help file, but actually it is not needed, on WebSite are some instructions. We may expect soon yet some improvements...

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hcnt: 9612