(V. 0.8s  Author: James McKay 1997. For DOS)

  Pretty old program, but still one of best Spectrum emulators. I tested V. 0.8s, because had problems with later versions. V. 0.8s may run under DOS or Win 95/98. In both cases is essencial to have SB compatible sound card & drivers & correct SET enviroment variables (SET BLASTER= A220 D1 I5 etc..). Supported hardware is visible from settings:
x128_mm  x128_mm 
Multiface submenu: x128_mf

This version runs fine even on new multi GHz PC's, what means that code is well written. Of course, program is more interesting for owners of older machines like P1 or even 486 (if there is any working still..). It was Linux version too, but only until version 0.5. File selector is little unusual, but works very well :
x128_fs   x128_than
  Games are good playable, sound is clear. Easy to use, menus are good concepted.


hcnt: 9608