wz80lic Win Z80
(Version 4.00 , Author: Gerton Lunter, 1999. For Windows & DOS)
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  It is successor of most famous DOS Spectrum emulator Z80. As DOS versions, Win version was shareware too, but now you may get full, unrestricted versions (Win & DOS in one pack) from author's homesite (not emulator oriented). 6 years later it is still very usable, however best to run in Win 98. Code is very efficient, and it works very fast even on slow machines. On Pentium 200 MHz it can achieve over 2000% speed of real Spectrum. List of emulated models is not big, but there is lot of peripherals:

Double sized window (here at 50%): wz80_im.gif

Feature list is really big, in DOS version directory you may find some useful utilities for diverse conversions. There is even audio mixer: wz80_mix

Maybe only thing what is missing is true multicolor (contended memory) emulation. Of course, most of games requires it not. Programm is recommended for owners of older PC's, DOS or Win 95/98. There is option for video recording, in format of 'WEB-friendly' animated GIF  :-) :


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